• Teaching the right maths to 25
    different students all at once?

  • That would take a superhero
    teacher – like you!

  • We believe that every superhero
    deserves a side-kick helping out.

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No more one size fits all

We work in partnership with schools who are not happy with the status quo of maths course structure and delivery.

Maths Pathway will help you structure the right maths course, diagnose your students, automatically assign individualised work, and conduct fortnightly formative assessment.

And everything is built from the Australia Curriculum, so we can generate your reports for you too.

How does it work?

Maths Pathway transforms the classroom from a one-size-fits-all model to true individualised learning.

Who else is using it?

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Who are we?

Maths Pathway was founded by a couple of classroom teachers who were sick of seeing their students left behind. We now head up a team of dedicated professionals who are helping us transform the way we teach maths.

Justin Matthys

Co-founder & Head of Curriculum

Richard Wilson

Co-founder & Chief Data Wrangler

Justin Matthys

Co-founder & Head of Curriculum
From a disadvantaged rural community, to Dark Matter research and the Higgs Boson, through a teaching career and into Maths Pathway. Justin blogs about maths things.

Richard Wilson

Co-founder & Chief Data Wrangler
From IT in Johannesburg to consulting in Melbourne, via a teaching career into a long-held dream to run an education company. Richard blogs about education and business.

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