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    Maths Pathway
    A Revolution
    in Maths Teaching

Half of Australian jobs are likely to vanish over the next 20 years.
Almost all of the jobs that replace them will require maths.

But our kids aren't ready.

A third of Australian high school students won't even be able to navigate the adult world of numbers, while most of our top students won't reach anything like their full potential.

This is because our students and teachers are stuck in a 19th century learning model.


There is hope

Teachers and students must adopt a strategy that focuses single mindedly on what each student knows now, target their teaching to what each student is ready to learn next, and track every student's progress over time.
Grattan Institute.
Maths Pathway is at the centre of a movement of schools who are completely reforming the way they structure, teach and assess maths.


Maths Pathway Schools don't put batches of students through a production line.

Instead, they craft individual learning.

Each student has different learning needs, so everyone learns different maths at the same time, with complete learning profiles showing areas of strength and weakness.


Maths Pathway Teachers don't deliver whole-class lectures from the whiteboard.

Instead, they become more impactful.

Teachers run rich learning activities so that students can apply maths in a meaningful context. They work with individuals and small groups, using data to target their teaching.


Maths Pathway Students don't sit one-size-fits-all tests on topics.

Instead, they have personalised assessment.

Tests are based on a student's learning path. They grow along a continuum of maths learning, never leaving gaps, and are graded against this growth.

All backed by world class teacher and student training, the best support you will ever get, and proactive data monitoring

The Maths Pathway Learning Model

Why students learn better with Maths Pathway

Our model replaces the old "one-size-fits-all" approach to maths, and replaces it with a data empowered, teacher supported system of individualised learning

The Maths Pathway Story

How two teachers built a nationwide community of schools from a garage
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