targeting Student

Targeting every student’s
point of need

In a typical classroom there is an eight year spread of ability. When content is delivered according to year level, it is incredibly challenging for teachers to target every student’s point of need. Maths Pathway overcomes this challenge by enabling students to fill gaps in their learning, as well as build on existing knowledge – every student gets the opportunity to see growth and experience success.

Improving learning habits
and outcomes

Maths Pathway creates an individual learning experience for every student, targeting their zone of proximal development. We encourage good learning practices through individual feedback, setting goals and by fostering independent learning skills. Teachers see an improvement in growth mindset and students take ownership of their maths learning.

improving Learning
targeting Student

Teachers achieve
greater impact

Our model provides teachers with the framework to effectively implement evidence-based strategies, which results in increased self-efficacy amongst students and measurable growth in student learning outcomes. These strategies include;

  • Differentiated lessons for every student
  • Regular one-on-one feedback sessions
  • Small group instruction
  • Regular rich learning and project work

The Maths Pathway model

Data-driven learning and teaching

Granular data on each student’s gaps and competencies is captured through advanced diagnostic and ongoing formative assessments, enabling students to access content that is targeted at their point of need.

A continuum learning and
curriculum-aligned approach

Maths Pathway has sequenced the Australian and state curriculums into a coherent and carefully-scaffolded continuum.

More one-on-one contact between
students and teachers

Our mastery model of learning combined with live data, means teachers finally have the information and resources they need to provide better one-to-one support for students.

Effectively delivered blended teaching

Students access content in a variety of ways: rich learning tasks, project work, independent learning, small group instruction and peer collaboration. These models of learning support a deep understanding of what they are learning and form the basis of our unrivalled model.

Your key questions answered

Maths Pathway isn’t available below year 5, as we’ve found younger students aren’t quite ready for our independent learning style. Above year 10, the senior maths curriculums do not yet have the flexibility that would allow us to apply our model.

Because Maths Pathway content is delivered online, students will need to have access to a computer for most of their lessons. This can take the form of a computer lab or one-to-one devices. If students are using individual devices connected to wifi, the wifi infrastructure will need to be able to meet the demand. One of our School Consultants can discuss this in detail with you over the phone.

Online maths programs operate purely as an accompaniment to the teaching practices that are currently used in traditional classrooms. Maths Pathway is an entire Learning and Teaching Model that is designed to deepen students understanding of maths through different modes of learning. Unlike Maths Pathway, which on average more than doubles the rate that students learn maths, no online program has delivered such measurable and consistent gains for students.

As part of the implementation process, schools send teachers to a training workshop where they learn about the model and how to roll it out across their school. All Maths Pathway teachers complete an online professional development course, which introduces teachers to the system and classroom practices. Each school also has access to a dedicated School Consultant who is there to provide ongoing support to the school as they implement the Maths Pathway model.

The content in Maths Pathway is created based on the content descriptors of the Australian Curriculum F-10: Mathematics, thus aligning to most state curricula directly. For states that work with different curriculum structures, Maths Pathway has been adapted to meet all requirements. Talk to our School Consultants for further detail.

What Maths Pathway will do for you