Piloting Maths Pathway

1. Initial Consultation

Our Education Consultants will help you determine if the model will be successful in your school. They will discuss your school’s requirements and how to best manage the implementation process.

2. Professional development

Change leaders from your school undertake professional development to address how teachers, students and parents will manage the change. Our facilitators provide in-depth instruction and share a wealth of resources to ensure a successful roll out.

3. Implementation

Start! Begin implementing the new learning model across a cohort of students in class, a one-term opt-out period is offered to ensure you’re confident with Maths Pathway.

4. Scale

Each year, that 1st cohort brings Maths Pathway up a level with them. This ensures a gradual transition that is smooth and easy. The Maths Pathway team is behind your school 100%.

Access ongoing support via our IT & Development teams

We want to make sure our teachers are always supported. Our industry leading IT support is available via phone or email to answer any and all teacher questions. Also, because Maths Pathway is committed to delivering the best possible package, our development team monitors feedback in order to continually improve the user experience.

Over 200 schools already use Maths Pathway

The Maths Pathway program works for our kids. It enables us to keep the best of the old, direct instruction, and merge it with what research and best practice has always told us, the importance of self-direction & resourcefulness.


Nicole NixonGalen Catholic College

Maths Pathway is a teaching tool designed to allow students to work on maths concepts at their own individual level and at their own pace. It is possible to have 20 kids working on 20 different concepts in the one class. The program is designed to assist the teacher and allows them to cope with the demands of having an individualised learning environment like this.


Luke HochmanCircular Head Christian School


What Maths Pathway will do for you