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Parent portal

Celebrate your child’s success and encourage their growth via our Parent Portal, which gives you access to their Maths Pathway work. The Parent Portal shows you how your child is progressing, provides details of what they’re learning, and suggests activities that will help you extend your child’s learning. This helps keep you in the loop and might even prompt some interesting discussions to have with your child around the dinner table!


Unlocking student potential

It is impossible for every child to reach their full potential in the common ‘one-size-fits-all’ classroom. With Maths Pathway, students can achieve much greater success because they learn what they’re ready for; either filling gaps or building on their knowledge to master higher levels. In addition to improving learning outcomes, we see a significant improvement to student attitudes toward maths and learning in general.

Your child will benefit from

  • individualised Learning1:1 Feedback

    More one-to-one teacher time – regular feedback sessions are a core component of our model.

  • individualised LearningSmall groups

    Teachers work with small groups of students to effectively teach concepts in targeted lessons.

  • individualised LearningStrategic interventions

    Students that require extra help or extension are easily visible to the teacher.

  • individualised LearningGrowth mindset

    Success and growth is visible, motivating every child to push themselves.

  • individualised LearningTailored content

    Maths lessons are delivered according to what your child is ready to learn.

  • individualised LearningMeaningful reports

    Student growth is the best metric of success, so reports focus on growth and mastery.

Parent questions answered

One of the core principles behind Maths Pathway is that learning is best delivered through a variety of teaching practices. While computers are an important resource, students use their workbooks, pen, and paper to complete their work and some lessons include hands-on problem based learning and group work.

The computer is used to access to questions, worked solutions, videos, and interactive activities. Students also work with the teacher and interact with their peers to discuss their work and get help if they’re stuck.

A parent portal enables parents to keep up to date with their child’s learning progress. Your teacher can provide information about how to access and use this tool.

Maths Pathway teachers have access to much greater detail about student learning, so our reports are much more informative and specific about each student’s progress. You will be able to see how much your child’s maths knowledge has grown, and celebrate their success!

What parents & students are saying

Maths Pathway is more interactive than a traditional maths course. It gives me the opportunity to sit with my daughter and be a part of the ongoing learning process. In other subjects, she often goes off, does her own thing and just shows us the finished product. Maths Pathway is a far more engaging process for the parents. I am seeing her being successful and hungry for more success as she learns. She wants to improve her growth rate and works hard to make sure she is getting things correct.


Brett Van BerkelParent

What I like about Maths Pathway is it’s personalised to your learning. You don’t have to be sitting in class learning stuff you already know, you get to get to learn new things. At the start of the year, we were doing work for the whole class, I didn’t really get much out of it. With Maths Pathway you get it personalised to you, so you’re not getting stuff you already learned.



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