Why you’ll love Maths Pathway

  • Fill gaps in your knowledge

    Every student will have some gaps in their knowledge, regardless of their level. Maths Pathway helps identify where your gaps are and you can fill them up without falling behind. This will help you master more difficult problems down the track.

  • See your progress

    You’re learning so much at school that sometimes it can be hard to see how far you’ve come. We make it easy to see how much progress you’ve made — you might be a whole level above the problem that was really hard only a few months ago.

  • Work with your friends

    Talking with other students about a problem can help you learn and understand better; Maths Pathway can show you which of your classmates are working on the same thing as you, and help you work together.

  • Get help when you need it

    There are a lot of ways you can get help when you need it. You can watch a video, talk to a friend, or ask your teacher. Everyone learns differently, so we want you to find what works for you.


  • No stressful tests

    Assessment is still important, but we use it to determine what you’re ready to learn next — not to give you a grade. Once you’ve completed a few modules, you’re tested on what you’ve learned. This tells us how much you’ve grown and what you’re ready for next.

  • Chart your own path

    Once you’ve completed the diagnostics, you’ll know exactly what you need to learn but the order you learn it in is up to you.


Student questions answered

Maths Pathway is a more enjoyable way to learn maths. There is no need to carry around a heavy textbook — your work will always be available online. You don’t have to work on the same thing as everyone else anymore, you can log into your profile and choose what maths you want to work on each day. Best of all, your work will never be too hard or too easy — our system knows what’s right for you.

For student access, please ask your teacher for your class login details.

You will be able to see all of the work you’ve done and what you can learn next. Your test results will be instantly available and show you how much you’ve grown. Unlike learning from a textbook you can customise your student profile with different themes, and you can choose from a set of unlockable avatars!

Not at all! Your teacher still there to help and teach you, while offline activities and longer projects give you the chance to learn in different ways.

What Maths Pathway will do for you