Delivering an unprecedented impact on student growth

In Australia, students are expected to learn 1 level of the maths curriculum in each year of schooling. Measuring the growth rate of students emphasises both the value of continual development and building on pre-existing or new knowledge. Growth rate is a comparison of how much of the curriculum students are mastering and the rate the curriculum would expect. Using Maths Pathway, students achieve double the rate compared with traditional maths learning.


Improving student learning outcomes

Our focus on mastery learning means students that use Maths Pathway are better prepared for continued studies in mathematics during the senior years of high school and beyond. This opens the door for students to access more STEM opportunities during their tertiary education and future career. 

Developing growth mindsets

Supporting students to develop a growth mindset is a cornerstone of our Learning and Teaching model, empowering them to challenge themselves, tackle complex concepts, and find the joy in learning. Our model also encourages the development of positive behaviours and attitudes towards mathematics through constructive goal setting and regular feedback. Having a growth mindset towards mathematics opens up a world of possibilities for students, and means that they are more likely to be competent maths users in the future.


Impact in schools

I’m pushing those top-level kids to realise that, despite being a year and a half ahead, you should still be growing one year in a year. Those types of students have often given up when they get to Maths Methods and Specialist Maths because they’re used to things being easy straight away. I’m really looking forward to Maths Pathway students getting up to higher level maths because they’ve learnt to be pushed all the way through.


Jacqueline LeeEmerald Secondary College

In the past if students were actively asking for help I’d know they were struggling but I didn’t have a lot of formative data to use. I had a pretest, but that was it. Now I have much more data to draw on to know where students are at and what they should be doing. And therefore my interactions with the students are much more personal and targeted.


Christopher HillEpping Secondary College

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